Introduction to the .abcd File Extension

.abcd File Extension ? A Brief Introduction

A file with the .abcd file extension is commonly referred to as an AudioVisual Book Data File. The .abcd files are Data Files and contain text, audio and video data stored in an encrypted XML (Extensive Markup Language) format.

.abcd file extension usage

Considered to be the DVDs of the book publishing industry, .abcd file types are extensively used in education and corporate communication.

Name of the program that can open .abcd files

If you use Windows, you may open an .abcd file using the following program:

  • AV Books Publishers ABCD Reader

I?m receiving a file type error when I try to open an .abcd file ? what is the solution?

Generally, a file type error is reported when either one or both of these conditions hold true:

  • The file you are trying to open is corrupt.
  • One or more file openers on Windows are damaged or corrupt.

To fix the issue and view the .abcd file, we recommend you use File Cure, which is an easy-to-use and reliable file extension repair program for Windows.