Different Instances of the .shb File Extension

Detailed information for the .shb file extension

Two file types are recorded to be using the .shb file extension.? A brief introduction on both the file types is shared below.

File Type #1 – Windows Shortcut into a Document

.shb files fall under the executable files category and are shortcut files that open a specific document in Windows when executed by the shscrap.dll file (Windows Shell Scrap Object Handler).

.shb files are also referred to as Windows Document Shortcuts.

Are .shb files similar to the .lnk file type?

Yes, they are but .shb files are not as extensively used by Windows as .lnk files.

How to open .shb files

As discussed above, .shb files are executable files. However, these files run by themselves and cannot be opened or executed by a user.

.shb file extension ? A security report

Just like other executable files such as, exe files, the .shb file extension is also exploited by various malware programs to spread themselves. You must not open a .shb file if you receive it as an email attachment, as it is likely to be a virus or any other malicious program.

File Type #2 – Corel Show presentation/background file

The file extension .shb is also known to be associated with Corel Show. However, not much information is available on this file type or on its behavior or purpose.

Many times we download file types about which much is not known. To view such file types in Windows, we recommend that you use FileCure, a software that allows Windows users to open various file types, both known and unknown. However, as a vigilant user, always make sure that you run a malware scan on the unknown file before you open it.