Different Instances of the .rpm File Extension

.rpm File Extension ? A Detailed Description

Three .rpm file types are recorded and each one of them are discussed in detail below.

File Type #1 – Red Hat Package Manager File

.rpm files are installation packages that were initially designed for the Red Hat Linux operating system. They are used for installing, uninstalling, verifying, querying, and updating software packages. As of now, various Linux distributions also make use of .rpm files.

Two reasons why .rpm files are used for installing software are ? ease of use and easy traceability. You can install an .rpm file from a Linux terminal using the rpm ?i command. Another way of installing the .rpm file is through the graphical interface by simply double-clicking on the .rpm file.

These .rpm file types come under the compressed Files category and thus do not hog your disk space.

How to open an .rpm file in Linux

You can open .rpm files using the following program:

  • Red Hat Package Manager

File Type #2 – Real Audio Plug-in

.rpm files are RealPlayer plug-in files and are used to add extra features or to enable RealPlayer to support various formats.

How to open an .rpm file in Windows

If you use Windows, you can open an .rpm file using the following program:

  • RealNetworks RealPlayer

File Type #3 – RunPaint Multicolor Image format

Little is known abut this .rpm file format or about its behavior, purpose, and programs one can use to open the file.

I receive a file type error when I try to open an .rpm file ? what should I do?

A common reason for file type errors are corrupt or damaged file ?openers? on the Windows system. To fix this issue, we recommend that you use a file extension repair software that aptly fixes damaged file ?openers? and allows you to easily open, edit, and save various file types.