Different Instances Where the .rll File Extension is Used

.rll file extension ? An introduction

There are three instances of the .rll file type recorded. Information is provided below on all the three .rll file types.

File Type # 1 – Basic Realizer Careal File

Primarily, the .rll file extension is associated with Basic Realizer. However, not much information is available about the purpose or behavior of this file type.

File Type# 2 – SQL Server File

The .rll file extension is known to be associated with the SQL Server by Microsoft. The server uses the .rll file format to store resources.

File Type# 3 – IP-EPS file

The .rll file type is linked with IP-EPS Development Software, which is developed by International Parallel Machines, Inc. The software is an integrated RLL Development Software for International Parallel Machine?s line of Programmable Logic Controllers.

Again, not much is known about the behavior or purpose of this .rll file type.

What should one do when you receive an unknown file type in an email attachment from a trusted source?

We all know that there are various file types – more than one can keep tab on. As it is not possible to keep in mind the names of various programs that can be used to open different file types, it is recommended that you use a reliable file repair software to help you easily open files that have an extension which you never heard of before.