Different Instances of Files with the .ani File Extension

Description of the .ani file extension

Various file types are recorded to be using the .ani file extension. The names of these file types and their brief descriptions are shared below.

File Type #1 ? Windows Animated Cursor

.ani files come under the system files category and are used by Windows for cursor animation, such as the spinning hourglass. The .ani file format is a graphics file format and is primarily used for reading and storing animated cursors on Windows operating systems.

While, by default certain .ani files are included on your PC when you buy it, you can also download custom animated cursors from the Internet.

Typically, an .ani file contains the following information:

  • Artist Information
  • Name
  • Sequence Information
  • Cursor hotspot
  • Default frame rate
  • Individual frame rates
  • Individual frame in ICO format

Programs that can open Windows Animated Cursor.ani files in Windows are:

  • Windows operating system
  • ACDSee Photo Manager 12

File Type #2 ? NEOchrome animation (Atari Image Format)

The .ani file type is known to be associated with NEOchrome. The Mime type of this file is application/graphiconverter.

File Type #3 ? NeroMix File

The .ani file type is associated with NeroMix, which is a software that combines CD-burning capabilities with an integrated audio player.

File Type #4 ? Painkiller Overdose File

The .ani file type is associated with the Painkiller Overdose game.

If you encounter a file type error while opening .ani files, use a reliable file repair tool to fix the error and open .ani files on your Windows computer.