Different Instances of the .cfg File Extension

.cfg file extension ? A detailed description

Two file types are recorded as using the file extension .cfg.? A detailed description for both file types is discussed below.

File Type #1 – Configuration File

.cfg files are primarily known as configuration files and are created by various programs to store configuration and setting information.

These .cfg files fall under the Settings Files category.

In what format are configuration files with the .cfg file extension saved and should these files be opened manually?

Generally, these .cfg files are created in the text format. You should not try to open these files manually, as these files are referenced by many programs. Just for your information, you can view .cfg files in a text editor on both Windows and Mac OS.

A program that uses this file type creates the .cfg files when a user makes any changes to the program?s settings.

How to determine if a program automatically generates a default .cfg file or not?

The procedure is simple. First, you need to move the configuration file from the default directory when the program is not in use. Next, open the program whose configuration file you just moved and check the contents of the program directory. If you see a new .cfg file there, then it confirms that the program creates a .cfg file automatically.

File Type #2 – Citrix Server Connection File

Just like Configuration files, the Citrix Server Connection Files are also Settings files. These .cfg files store information required by the Citrix client software to connect to a Citrix Server. The Citrix client software may use one or multiple .cfg files to connect to Citrix servers.

A .cfg (Citrix Server Connection File) may store the following information:

  • password
  • username
  • hostname
  • server port
  • IP address

Names of the program that can open .cfg files in Windows, Mac OS, and Linux

You can open .cfg files using Citrix Access Client.

Not able to open a .cfg files in Windows? ?Likely causes and how to fix the issue

Corrupt .cfg files or damaged file openers are the most likely reasons that may prevent you from opening a file. To fix the issue, you may use file repair tool, which is a reliable file extension repair program that promptly fixes issues related to corrupt files or damaged file openers on Windows systems and provides you easy access to various file types, including .cfg files.