Information On The .daa File Extension

What are .daa file extension files?

.daa (Direct Access Archives) files are associated with the PowerISO, which is CD/DVD image file-processing software. This software allows users to open, create, extract, edit, compress, and convert ISO files. The ISO image, more commonly known as the disc image, is basically an archive file of an optical disk. The file uses a format that is defined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

.daa extension files are used to archive large ISO files, however unlike other common CD/DVD image file formats .daa files provide users advanced features, such as:

  • Password protection
  • Compression
  • Encryption
  • Split files into multiple volumes

As mentioned above, .daa files take up less space and can easily fit in a blank CD or DVD. Also, you can make your password-protected.daa files, which implies that the file cannot be burned to a CD without entering the correct password.

How to open .daa files

Owing to its advanced features, .daa files can only be opened using PowerISO. PowerISO software is available for Windows and Linux only. If you use a Mac OS, then you need to use a DAA Converter for Mac OS to covert the .daa file into an accessible form.

If you use Windows but don?t want to purchase PowerISO then you can open .daa files by converting them to ISO files (using a file converter) and then either extract data from the ISO file or burn the ISO file to a disc.

If you are having difficulty in locating the correct programs to open .iso files on your Windows computer, then you may seek the services of the FileCure software for quick and easy access to such files.