What is the .ifo File Extension?

What is the .ifo file extension?

Two instances of .ifo file types are recorded and both of them are discussed in detail below.

File Type #1 – DVD-Video Disc Information File

The .ifo file extension is primarily associated with DVD-Video Disc Information File. These files work in conjunction with .vob and .vro files. These two files (.vob and .vro) are the ones that contain the actual audio and video data.

It is important to note that .ifo files do not store any audio or video data but are just an index into a video file.

What information is stored in .ifo (DVD-Video Disc Information File) files?

An .ifo file stores the information about the following aspects:

  • DVD Chapter headings
  • Subtitles
  • Location of the audio tracks on the disc
  • Which screen appear at startup

The Video_TS.ifo (also known as Video Manager Information file) file contains all the control and playback information for the DVD. The Video_TS.ifo file is needed to be present on a DVD-compliant disc.

The .ifo file falls under the video file category and its Mime type is content/DVD.

How to open an .ifo file in Windows

You can use any of the following applications to open an .ifo file in Windows:

  • CyberLink PowerDVD 10
  • Nero ShowTime
  • WinDVD
  • Roxio Creator 2010

How to open an .ifo file on a Mac operating system

You can use any of the following applications to open an .ifo file in Mac OS:

  • Roxio Toast 10 Titanium
  • Wired WiredStream
  • Apple DVD Player

Are .bup file types associated with .ifo file types?

Yes, you can say that, as .bup files are the backup copies of .ifo files.

File Type #2 – ImageForge Graphic software file

The .ifo file extension is also known to be associated with ImageForge Graphic software. However, little information is known about the behavior, purpose, or how to open or convert this file type.

If you receive a file type error while opening an .ifo file or any other file type, then it is recommended that you use a reliable file extension repair software to fix the error and open the file.