What is the .htt File Extension?

What is the .htt file extension?

The .htt file extension is associated with Hypertext Template file, whose main purpose is to define various settings in Windows.

Purpose of .htt files

The look of Windows Explorer when it displays folder content in HTML mode is controlled by a hypertext template file, named folder.htt. Normally, this file is stored in a hidden sub-folder, named Folder Settings.

.htt files enable Windows users to customize the size of the file window. Or in other words, ?.htt files are used when you alter the size of the file window making it smaller or larger. ?.htt files also allow users to change the size of the icons, as well as their position within the file.

.htt files are required by Windows to function properly. That is why it is recommended that you do not delete an .htt file from your Windows operating system.

The following information is included in an HTT file:

  • FixSize function
  • Init function
  • FormatNumber function
  • OnThumbnailReady event
  • Style settings
  • FileList object tag
  • SelectionChanged event
  • Normal Banner DIV
  • Left Info Panel DIV
  • Mini-banner DIV

.htt files fall under system files and their Mime type is text/webviewhtml. .htt files are referenced by the Windows operating System.

Is it possible to customize an .htt file?

Yes, it is possible. As data stored in an .htt file uses the HTML language, Windows users who are familiar with HTML programming language can use a text editor program or Microsoft Frontpage to customize .htt files.

.htt file extension ? security report

The file extension, .htt, just like various other file extensions is known to become infected. In fact, the notorious W32/Romario-B Win32 worm creates .htt files on the infected computer as a part of its activation.

How to open unknown file types

There are so many file types used about which little is known, such as the behavior or purpose of the file, or what programs one is supposed to use to open the file. If you download such a file type from the Internet and are not able to open the file using the programs installed on your computer, then we recommend that you use a reliable file extension repair program to open, edit, and save the file. However, if the file is unknown, it is best that you run a virus scan on it before opening.