Handling .Bup File Extensions

What is the .BUP file extension?

BUP stands for Back UP, and is a popular file extension used for DVD video disc formats. These files are written along with the main IFO extension files, which primarily carry the video and audio information. The presence of BUP files is mandatory for standard DVD video format. In case the DVD media gets scratched, the IFO files may get corrupt and become non-retrievable. In such cases, the corresponding BUP file is used by the video player to retrieve the lost data segments from the IFO file and render continuous video.

How to Open and View BUP files

For Microsoft Windows Operating System users:

Popular DVD tools like CyberLink, InterVideo, WinDVD and Nero can help you easily open and view BUP Files. These tools may require a license. However Nero, which is quite popular, allows you to open BUP files in its time-based trial version.

For The Apple MAC Operating System

Apple DVD Studio Pro works just fine for viewing and running BUP files.

How do I play a BUP file?

To play a BUP file, you need to:

  1. Open any one of the applications mentioned above.
  2. Click on the File menu and select Open.
  3. Browse the folder where the file is located. Click on the file there, and then click open to play it.

The video would start playing immediately.

Can I play BUP files in Windows Movie Player?

No. You cannot play BUP files in Windows Movie Player because it requires one of the DVD authoring tools mentioned in the list above. These files however can be converted to MPG or any other format that Windows Movie Player can play for you. Such converters are available for download on the Internet.

What if I am unable to open BUP files with the recommended tools?

There may be a situation where either the program that opens BUP files or the file itself may have gone corrupt. In such cases, a resourceful file repair program can come to your rescue. A good file repair program is designed to open files of almost all types of extensions that either have or do not have registered viewers or players. You can use this tool to not only recover video data from a BUP file but also use it to view the file in the absence of a compatible player on your system.