Different Uses of the .grp File Extension

.grp file extension ? A detailed description

Various programs are known to use the .grp file extension. Some of the most common ones are discussed below.

File Type #1 – Windows Program Manager Group

The file extension .grp is associated with Windows Program Manager Group, which defines a group of programs that are listed in the Windows Start Menu.

These .grp files fall under system files.

Which program(s) can open grp files on a Windows computer?

On a Windows computer, you can use the Windows Program Manager Group Converter (grpconv.exe) to open files with the .grp file extension.

How to restore a GRP file in case it becomes corrupt

If you find that your GRP file has become corrupt, you can easily restore the file to the Windows default settings, using the Project Manager. To achieve the same (rebuild the GRP file using Windows default settings), click File>Run, type setup /p and press Enter.

File Type #2 – StarCraft Graphics Group File

Files with the .grp extension are a collection of frame images with Starcraft and fall under the games files category.

Which programs can open .grp files associated with StarCraft graphics group files?

On a Windows computer these .grp files can be referenced by Blizzard StarCraft and can be edited with RetroActive RetroGRP.

On a Mac Operating System these .grp files can be referenced by Blizzard StarCraft.

File Type #3 – ACT! Group Data File

The .grp file extension is also known to be used by ACT! which is a Contact and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software by Best Software CRM Division.

.grp files are also known to be associated with:

  • DESQview files
  • PixBase pictures group files

Not much is known about the use of .grp file in these programs.

In case you are unable to open a .grp file on your computer or are unsure of the program that you need in order to open a .grp file type, then we recommend you use FileCure, which is a software that allows you to open numerous known, as well as unknown file types.