The .fon File Extension – An Overview

What is a .fon file?

.fon files indicate Font files created by Microsoft, specifically for the native Windows 3.x library. These files contain bitmap types of fonts and were used in the earlier days of MS DOS Graphical Interface (GUI) design. They also formed the part of the GUI design of Menus like Pop-ups and On-Screen Menus, Option buttons, dialog boxes etc., in Microsoft Windows.

What is a Bitmap font?

The bitmap font is also called as a ?Raster? Font. In this type, the characters and alphabets of the words that are typed in an application, such as Microsoft Word tool are designed using a Bitmap.

Bitmap is one of the ways of representing an image. In this format, an image is segmented into many pixels. Each pixel is like a very small rectangle or square grid. For each of these pixels or grids, Color attributes are recorded or defined. Bitmap fonts are set with a resolution and if they are scaled beyond a defined limit, the quality of the output starts degrading.

Are .fon files supported in the latest Windows 7 Version?

Yes, .fon files are supported in Windows 7 version. Although they are native font files that have a fixed shape, Microsoft ships these fonts along with the latest ones like TrueType fonts. As the list of fonts shipped in the Windows 7 version is huge, users can hide the fonts that are not needed for their regular applications.

How to open a .fon file

Windows Font viewer can open .fon files. There are a few free software that can also open .fon files. There are chances that the .fon file may come via email or through a source containing viruses. Therefore, you must go for a secured option when opening these files.

You can also use a reliable file extension repair tool to open .fon files. These tools are designed to enable users to open files with different types of file extensions, even when a supported software is not available on the system. So, the next time you want to open .fon files, use a file extension helper tool that will ensure a secure and faster way of opening them.