What Is .flac File Extension File?

What is a .flac file extension file?

A .flac file is an audio file that is compressed using the FLAC codec, where FLAC stands for Free Lossless Audio Compression. Free because FLAC is distributed free and the FLAC codec is available to users under open-source license. Lossless because when audio files are compressed using FLAC there is no loss in quality.

FLAC is available and supported on various operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

For FLAC encoding, you may use

  • KMPlayer
  • GOM Player
  • Winamp
  • aTunes
  • VLC media player

For FLAC decoding, you may use

  • XBMC Media Centre
  • PS3 Media Server
  • Songbird

For FLAC Ripping, you may use

  • JetAudio
  • Songbird
  • Audio Transcoder

Is FLAC similar to the mp3 file format?

Yet, it is. Just like .mp3 files, you can play .flac files in your favorite player, car stereo, or home stereo. But there is one significant difference between FLAC and mp3 format. In FLAC format, unlike mp3 there is no loss in quality when audio files are compressed.

How FLAC is better than ZIP for audio compression?

The similarity between FLAC and ZIP is that there is no loss of quality. However, with FLAC you get a better compression rate, as this codec is designed specifically for audio files.

How to play .flac files

You can play .flac files using the Free FLAC Player for Mac or Windows Media Player for Windows. Also, you can play .flac files with various third-party media players, such as iCoolPlayer, Total Video Player, or Winamp.

How to covert .flac to .mp3

To convert .flac files to other formats, such as .mp3, you need to use a file converter program.

I?m unable to open a .flac file on Winamp, what should I do?

If this is the case, then chances are that you are using older version of Winamp. Check the version of your Winamp and upgrade it to Winamp 5.541 (you can open .flac files with Winamp 5.541). If you don?t wish to upgrade then you will either need to install a plug-in to play .flac files or use another media player.

In case you are not able to open a .flac file using a program that is known to support .flac files then chances are the file is corrupt. To fix the matter you may use reliable file repair maintenance software. This software will help you fix issues with your .flac file and then open it on your computer.