Use of Files with the .zipx File Extension

What is a .zipx file extension?

The .zipx file extension is associated with a compressed file format developed by WinZip. The WinZip version 12 released in May 2009 started using this new file compression format. This file is also associated with the StuffIt Deluxe software, which is also a compression utility.

What is the .zipx file extension used for?


The .zipx file extension format is the newest addition to a long list of formats supported by WinZip. This format created by WinZip is one of the best in the industry because it uses advanced compression methods. The .zipx file extension format is the smallest zip file in the compression industry today. Newer compression software are also adopting the technology.

As the files are highly compressed it makes it easier to share it over a network or use them as email attachments. Even though the .zipx file extension format is the default compression format in new versions, WinZip still provides support to the legacy zip files. WinZip provides the flexibility to choose the zipping format on a case-to-case basis and helps setting any compression format as default.

The difference between .zip and .zipx formats is that the latter uses the quality compression methods based on the type of content. .zipx is able to achieve higher compression because it uses image compression algorithm for images, text compression algorithm for text and so on. Some of the compression formats .zipx files use are:

  • LZMA
  • WavPack
  • PPMd

StuffIt Deluxe

This is a proprietary software used for compression and archiving. This tool also supports the .zipx file extension format and it is designed for both Windows and Mac OS.

What are the different kinds of software used to open the .zipx file extension?

The .zipx file extension format can be opened using the WinZip utility. It should be remembered that the .zipx file format was introduced with WinZip 12 version onward, and versions before this are not compatible and cannot open files with .zipx file extension. StuffIt Deluxe software can also be used to open files with .zipx file extension.

If you don?t have these software on your PC, you can use a reliable file opener tool to open files with the .zipx file extension. A file opener tool will also help you fix all file type errors and associate files with the right programs.