What are Files with the .inx File Extension Used For?

The .inx File Extension ? A Brief Introduction

Three file types are recorded to use the .inx file extension. A brief introduction of each of these file types is provided below.

File Type #1 – Adobe InDesign Interchange File

The file extension .inx is associated with Adobe InDesign, which is a DTP (Desktop Publishing) application from Adobe Systems. Files with the .inx extension are Adobe InDesign Interchange documents. The format .inx is an export format from Adobe InDesign and is used for compatibility with previous versions of Adobe InDesign.

An .inx file describes an .indd (InDesign) file, including pages and content, guides, text frames, information on color used, guides, margin, and so on.

The .inx file falls in the Graphic files category and their Mime type is application/octet-stream.

How to export InDesign documents in the .inx file format

To achieve this, first click the File menu. Next, click Export, select InDesign Interchange and then click Save.

How to open .inx files

You can open Adobe InDesign .inx files using Adobe InDesign CS5 on both Windows and Mac operating systems.

File Type #2 – InstallShield Compiled Rules Files

The .inx file is also a part of the installation packages created by InstallShield software and is used on compiled scripts belonging to InstallShield software installation system.

Are the contents of .inx (InstallShield Compiled Rules) files readable?

No, they are not. These .inx files are executable files and are not meant to be opened directly by the user. These files store instruction for the installation of software packages.

File Type #3 – ACL for Windows Index File

The .inx file extension is also recorded to be associated with ACL for Windows. Little information is available about the behavior or purpose of this file type.

If a .inx file on your computer is creating problems on your system, you can fix the issue by using a reliable file extension repair software.