What is the Use of Files with the .qtp File Extension?

What is the .qtp file extension?

The .qtp file extension is recorded to be associated with QuickTime, a cross-platform application for storing, editing and playing digitized audio and video content from Apple Inc. A file with the .qtp file extension is commonly referred to as a QuickTime Preference File. .qtp files store the following preferences:

  • Connection speed
  • Taskbar icon display
  • Software update options
  • File association notifications

It is worthwhile to note that the .qtp file extension is only used by Windows versions of QuickTime and these files come under the category of settings files.

.qtp file location

The QuickTime Preference File (.qtp file extension) is stored with the name QuickTime.qtp. Typically, this file is located in the C:\User\AppData\Apple Computer\QuickTime folder.

Note: Above, C: drive is understood to be the drive on which Windows is installed.

Purpose of .qtp file

The QuickTime Preference File remembers and automatically applies user preferences with QuickTime software.

Name of the program that can open .qtp files in Windows

  • Apple QuickTime player

Are there any other file types that also use the .qtp file extension?

Though not very common, Astra Quicktest Report is also recorded to be associated with the .qtp file extension.

In case you are unable to open a QuickTime Preference File (.qtp), check to see if QuickTime is properly installed on your computer. If the software is properly installed and up-to-date but you still are unable to open the file, try using a file extension repair software. This software will provide you with quick access to various file types, including .qtp files.