Are Files with the .qit File Extension Genuine Files?

What is the .qit file extension?

Files with the extension .qit are associated with the QIT Trojan Horse. Files showing the file extension .qit are malicious and contain executable content to allow writers of such malware to gain total control of an infected computer to carry out fraudulent or malicious activities. In case you receive a .qit file as an e-mail attachment then immediately delete the file in order to save your PC from getting infected. Also use a robust security tool to perform a thorough scan of your computer to detect and remove any other malware existing on your system.

If you receive e-mail file attachments that have a file extension you don?t recognize or the sender is unknown, then also it is recommended that you scan the files before opening them. Further, in case you are not able to open a genuine file by double-clicking it, use FileCure ? a reliable file opener program that allows you to open, edit, and save various file types.