Uses of Files with the .ps File Extension

What is a .ps file extension?

PS is an acronym for PostScript and files with the .ps file extension are associated with Adobe PostScript software. Adobe PostScript is a page programming language, which is primarily used for desktop publishing.

What is the .ps file extension used for?

Page Description Language or PDL is a language that expresses both text and graphical content of a page in a systematic way. PostScript is a PDL which stores its files in the .ps file extension format. It is used to characterize text and graphical appearance of a page for both on-screen and printing purposes.

Earlier publishing systems were dependent on third party typesetting systems which most of the time were incompatible with computer and printer hardware. So instead of using complicated hardware, companies use to manually place text and images on a paste board and photograph them. This photograph was sent to create documents to a printing company. To eliminate this gap, Adobe created PostScript software that supported all formats and was compatible with any printing hardware. The postscript formats were stored in a file on a PC with a .ps file extension.

Adobe PostScript helps in creating supreme quality content that encapsulates text and images. This format is compatible with all printing devices. The graphic content created by PostScript usually contains vector graphics, raster graphics and text and this can be printed directly on a printer that supports PostScript.

The PostScript format is one of the defacto standards for all desktop publishing devices and the files created using this script carries the .ps file extension. This implies that the content created on a Windows system will look exactly similar on a Mac system. PostScript led to the creation of Adobe Acrobat Reader that creates files in the portable document format or PDF, which is embedded with PostScript by default.

What are the different kinds of software used to open the .ps file extension?

The .ps file extension format can be viewed using various desktop publishing software. Some of these are –

  • Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Printers which support PostScript

If you don?t have these software on your computer, you can use a reliable file extension helper tool to view and open files with the .ps file extension. A powerful file extension helper tool will not only fix file type errors, but also associates files with the correct programs on the system.