What are Files with the .pf File Extension Used For?

Detailed description of the .pf file extension

Two file types are recorded as using the file extension .pf.? A detailed description of both the file types is shared below.

File Type #1 – Windows Prefetcher File

The .pf file extension is recorded to be associated with Prefetch File by Microsoft. These files are created by Prefetcher, an important component of Windows XP and later versions that facilitate speedy boot process and application loading.

.pf files come under the Data Files category.

Purpose of the .pf file extension

Windows computers use prefetch files (.pf files) to speed up the application loading process.

When you run a program, Windows first tries to locate a pre-existing prefetch file and if the file is found, Windows uses the file to speed up application loading. Also, the prefetch file is updated after it is accessed. As a result, the more an application is used, the faster the application loading is.

The prefetch mechanism depends on the Task scheduler service. The process will not work when the Task Scheduler Service is not running.

.pf file location

By default, .pf files are located in the %windir%\prefetch directory.

Note: %windir% is a variable that refers to the directory where Windows is installed. Typically, the path is c:\windows.

Name of program(s) that open .pf files in Windows

  • Microsoft Prefetcher

File Type #2 – Private File

.pf file types are used for archiving confidential or personal data. These files are compressed, password-protected, and encrypted by Stuffit Deluxe. You cannot open a .pf file without entering the correct password.

Name of programs that open .pf files in Windows

If you use Windows, you may open .pf files using the following program:

  • StuffIt Deluxe 2010

If you use a Mac, you may open .pf files using the following program:

  • StuffIt Deluxe 2010

I receive a file type error when I try to open a .pf file ? what should I do?

Typically, file type errors occur due to damaged or corrupt file openers. To fix the issue, we recommend you seek the services of File Helper, which is an excellent file extension repair program that quickly fixes damaged file openers and allows you to read various file types.