What Are Files with the .mdb File Extension Used For?

.mdb File Extension ? Detailed Information

The file type .mdb is known to be associated with various applications. The two most popular applications that use these files are Microsoft Access and Mono.

An Overview of Microsoft Access Database (.mdb) Files

Files with the .mdb extension are data files of Microsoft Access, which is a very popular relational database application from Microsoft. These files store data in one or more tables.
They fall under the data files category and their Mime type is application/x-msaccess.

Which programs can be used to open Microsoft Access .mdb files?

If you use Windows, you can open an .mdb file using any of the following programs:

  • Microsoft Access 2007
  • Microsoft Access Recovery.
  • Microsoft Access Recovery Tool
  • Advanced Access Repair
  • Access Database Repair Software
  • Advanced Office Repair
  • Wolfram Mathematica
  • SAS Institute SAS
  • Softpedia MDB converter
  • OpenOffice.org

If you use a Mac Operating System, you can open an .mdb file using the following program:

  • Wolfram Mathematica

If you use Linux, you can open an .mdb file using the following program:

  • SAS Institute SAS
  • OpenOffice.org
  • mdb-export

An Overview of Mono Debugging Information (.mdb) Files

The .mdb file extension is also associated with Mono, which is a cross-platform, open source implementation of CLR and C#. It is also binary compatible with Microsoft .NET. Mono can be used to build cross-platform applications for Windows, Mac as well as Linux systems. In Mono, ?.mdb files are used to store debugging information.

Which programs can be used to open Mono .mdb files?

You can open .mdb file extension files in Windows using Mono.

Besides Microsoft Access and Mono, other applications that are known to use .mdb files are:

  • Mediator Multimedia Data
  • MS file viewer
  • NEi Nastran

If you are unable to open an .mdb file extension file on your Windows computer, we recommend you seek assistance of top-rated file extension repair software. This software will enable you to fix issues with the .mdb file in question and enable you to open it even if you don?t have associated software on your computer.