Files with the .indd Extension – An Overview

What is an .indd file?

An .indd file extension indicates a file document created by the Adobe InDesign software. It is commonly used by publishers, graphic artists, and animation artists of the Desktop publishing Industry for designing page layouts for the Web as well as for the print media like magazines, books and Newspaper publishers. The software offers excellent control over typography and is extensively used to create e-books and a variety of marketing materials like digital brochures, flyers, posters, leaflets etc.. The page layout file with the .indd extension has rich information on text formatting, content styles, Hyperlinks and elegant color palette swatches.

QuarkXPress, a well known page layout and design software, is another player in the Desktop Publishing Industry apart from Adobe InDesign software. The resulting .indd files of Adobe InDesign software can be converted to the QuarkXPress file format.

How to open an .indd file

The following software can open .indd files

  • Adobe InDesign CS5
  • AdobeInCopy

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