Different Uses of Files with the .idx File Extension

Index Files

Files with the .idx file extension are usually index files used by different programs. Names of popular programs that use .idx files are ? Microsoft FoxPro, ICQ, Corel QuicFinder, and ESRI Arc View. Besides these programs, many other programs also use index (.idx) files.

These .idx files come under the System Files category.

Purpose of .idx (Index) files

The purpose of these .idx files is to index a database, directory of files, or hard disk so that data can be searched and sorted more quickly and efficiently.

Discussed below are some of the programs that use files with the .idx file extension.

HMI (Human-Machine Interface) Historical Log Index File

The .idx file extension is also associated with HMI software and is used for indexing log files created by this software. These .idx files fall under the Data Files category.

How to open .idx files

You can open .idx files in Windows using the following applications:

  • WorkSmart Automation ReportBuilder
  • Wonderware InTouch

Outlook Express Mailbox File

These .idx files contain an index of mail messages that are stored in .MBX files (Outlook Express Mailbox). These .idx files fall under the Text Files category.

Purpose of .idx files

The Outlook Express Mailbox files (.idx files) are required when a user needs to import old Outlook Express mailbox(s) into Outlook Express version 5 or later.

How to open .idx files

You can open these .idx files using Microsoft Outlook Express.

Navigation POI File

These are Data Files that store points of interest for a VDO Dayton GPS PND (portable navigation device).

AOL Temporary Internet Mail File

The .idx file extension is known to be associated with AOL email client software. Little information is available on the behavior or purpose of this file type.

In case you are unable to open an .idx file or any other file type then you should use a reliable file assistant tool to open, edit, and save these file types.