What are Files with the File Extension .gam Used For?

What is a .gam file?

.gam is a common file extension for saved game files. A .gam file is an electronic bit of information stored on the computer that indicates a player?s progress in the game. Saved game files enable players to resume or continue playing a lengthy game from the point where they had stopped previously.

A .gam file is also associated with Astro-PC, a rich astrological software from Aureas software & publishing company.

A GammaFax file also has the file extension .gam. GammaFax is a technology that enables PC-to-Fax communication.

What are the various types of saved games ?

A player can manually save his / her progress in a video game in a .gam format using the ?Save anywhere? method.? Some video games enable automatic storing of players progress after each level. Some of the common techniques used in the video games are Save points, Autosaves, Quick saving, Check points and Save states.

How to open a .gam file?

Saved games files are opened by the respective video games. Listed below are few examples ?

  • Cyberboard
  • Verctex
  • Infinity Games
  • Astro-PC software

Are you struggling to open a .gam file?

A file extension repair tool can ease the task of opening and working with files with the .gam extension. Any type of file with the extension .gam is easily opened in few minutes with the help of a simple-to-use tool. A file extension repair program employs optimized search techniques to match the type of file errors with its extensive Database and fixes the file openers on your system.