Uses of Files with the .acl File Extension

Detailed description for the .acl file extension

Various file types are recorded using the file extension .acl.? A description of each file type is shared below.

File Type #1 – AutoCorrect List file

The file extension .acl is primarily known to be associated with AutoCorrect List file, an integral part of AutoCorrect feature used by Microsoft Office programs to automatically correct common grammar and spelling mistakes.

Purpose of the .acl (AutoCorrect List) file

An .acl file stores a list of common grammatical and spelling errors, which the AutoCorrect feature present in Microsoft Office programs, such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Excel uses to automatically correct spelling and grammar mistakes that users may make while working in these programs.

Location of the .acl file

Typically, .acl files are located inside of a program file in Windows.

Programs that use .acl files

Both in Windows and Mac, Microsoft applications use .acl file extensions

Should one try to open or edit .acl files manually?

No, .acl files store codes that are written in a particular syntax. The integrity of the code in its syntax is imperative for the AutoCorrect feature to do what it is meant to do, that is, correct common grammar and spelling mistakes. Due to this, one should not try to open or edit these files manually.

If you wish to customize the AutoCorrect Lists, use the AutoCorrect options under the Tool menu of an Office application.

File Type#2 – ArchiCrypt Live Secured Data File

The .acl file type is used by ArchiCrypt Live, which is a software that offers users real-time encryption for critical data. The critical data is stored in single files with the .acl extension.

File Type #3 – Corel Draw 6 Keyboard Accelerator

The .acl file type is recorded to be associated with Corel Draw 6. Little information is available on this file type, its purpose, or behavior.

Not able to open a particular file type? ? What to do.

The easiest way to open a file in Windows is to double-click on it. If the required program is installed on your computer, then the file will automatically open. In case the software required to open the file is missing or file openers on the Windows system are corrupt, you are likely to receive a file type error. To fix the issue you may use a file extension repair tool. This tool helps you open various file types, both known and unknown.