What Are .do File Extension Files Used For?

.do File Extension ? An Introduction

There are many different instances of .do file extension files. Most commonly, the .do file extension is used by Java Servlet files. The main function of Java Servlet is to improve the capabilities of the host application server. These files are used by Web servers, such as IBM WebSphere to generate dynamic Web pages. Various web-based applications such as ones used for online banking also use .do files.

Other applications that are recorded to be associated with .do file extensions on the basis of their popularity are sequentially listed below:

  • 4oD Player by Channel 4 ? Uses files with .do extensions to store playlists that contain links to films and programmes. The playlists can be watched on a computer that has 4oD software or through digital television services. Most .do files used by 4oD player are ASX playlists and a simple tweak allows you to open the .do file with a large number of players ? just change the file extension to ASX.
  • ModelSim by Mentor Graphics Corp ? Uses the file with .do extensions to store waveform display settings and for scripting.
  • DigitalOutrage
  • Apple Struts system
  • Stata Batch Analysis File

How to run .do (Java Servlet) files in Windows and Mac OS

To run .do files in Windows and Mac OS you need a Web server that supports JavaServer Pages (JSP). You can then view the contents in a Web browser, such as Internet Explorer or Firefox.

In case you are receiving file type errors when you try to use a .do file then you may seek the services of a reliable file extension repair software. ?A good file repair software will fix issues with the problem .do file and make it possible for you to use it again.