What is the .email File Extension?

The .email file extension ? A brief introduction

The .email file extension is known to be used by Outlook Express, a POP3 and IMAP compatible mail client from Microsoft.? Outlook express uses the extension, .email to store exported email messages. The .email file extension can be understood as the alternative to the .eml file extension.

The .email files fall under the Text files category.

How to open an .email file

If you use Windows, you may open an .email file with the following program:

  • Microsoft Outlook Express

The .email file extension ? Security Report

Various computer worms are recorded to use the .email file extension to send their copies across the Internet through email. In fact, the notorious W32/Nimda worm used the .email file extension as one of the many methods to spread infection across the Internet. So, if you receive an .email file as an email attachment, do not open the file without scanning it for virus infections first.

I?m not able to open an .email file attachment ? what should I do?

In case you are not able to open an .email file attachment, first try to change the file extension to .eml or .msg and then open it with your default email client. If for some reason, you are still not able to view the file attachment then you may use a reliable file extension repair program to view, edit, and save the file.