What is the .DS_Store File Extension?

What is the .DS_Store file extension?

It is interesting to note that the .DS_Store file extension is not actually a file type, but the name of a file generated by Mac OS X.

The .DS_Store is a hidden file and it falls under the Settings File category. Its Mime type is application/octet-stream.

The term DS stands for Desktop Services.

Purpose of the .DS_Store file

In Mac OS X, the .DS_Store file stores folder viewer preferences or the custom attributes of a folder. The information stored in this file dictates the shape and size of the folder window, the position of the folder window on the desktop and if the file, folder, or icon view is enabled or not.

Every viewed folder constitutes a .DS_Store file that contains the viewer preferences of the folder.

What happens when a .DS_Store file is deleted?

First, it is important to understand that it is safe to delete a folder?s .DS_Store file. Deleting this file does not affect the data stored in the folder.

When a .DS_Store file is deleted, the folder will open using the default settings and the DS_Store file will be recreated.

How to view the contents of a DS_Store file

The DS_Store files are not meant to be opened manually.

I?ve received an unknown file type as an email attachment ? how do I view the file?

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