Detailed Information on the .sqm File Extension

The .sqm File Extension ? A Detailed Description

Until now, three instances of the .sqm file type, namely Service Quality Monitoring File, Operation Flashpoint Mission File, and SoftQuad XMetaL File are known.

Each of these three instances of the .sqm file type are discussed individually in detail below in the order of their popularity and usage.

File type #1

.sqm (Service Quality Monitoring) File

The .sqm files are the log files created by the Service Quality Monitor program, which is a built-in feature in many Microsoft applications. The most popular Microsoft application that makes use of this program is Windows Live Manager (formerly known as MSN).

The purpose of.sqm files is to help in improvement of the product, such as Windows Live Manager. These files can contain data related to application use, performance and software errors. The data stored in .sqm files can be sent to Microsoft to help it fix and improve the features and functionality of its products.

Typically, .sqm files are stored in the root folder of your C: hard drive. These files follow a specific naming convention. For example, you may find the following .sqm files in the C: root directory ? sqmnoopt00.sqm, sqmnoopt01.sqm, sqmnoopt02.sqm? and so on.

The .sqm files come under the Miscellaneous files category.

How to open .sqm files

These files are not meant to be opened.

Do .sqm files contain any personal information?

No, .sqm files do not store any personal information about the user. They only contain application-specific information.

Is it safe to delete .sqm files?

Yes, you can safely delete .sqm files.

I have 20 .sqm files in the root directory of my C: drive, I deleted them but the files were back when I restarted Windows ? what should I do?

If you physically delete these files, they reappear when you restart Windows.

To get rid of .sqm files, perform the following steps:

  • Open Windows Live Manager.
  • Go to the Options menu, click the Help section, and then select Customer Experience Improvement Program.
  • Next, select the I don?t want to participate right now option, and then click OK.

File type #2

.sqm (Operation Flashpoint Mission) File

The .sqm files are mission files for Operation Flashpoint, which is a military tactical combat simulation game.

The .sqm file comes under games file category.

How to open .sqm files in Windows

You can open these .sqm files in Windows using the following application:

  • Bohemia Interactive Studio Operation Flashpoint

File type #3

.sqm (SoftQuad XMetaL) File

There is little information on this file type or on how to open it. So, if you need to open it, you may use the FileCure software, which is a one-stop-solution to open and edit both known and unknown file types.