Detailed Description of the .sav File Extension

.sav File Extension

Several file types are recorded using the .sav file extension. Names and description of these file types are shared below.

File Type #1 ? Saved Game File

Most commonly .sav files are associated with different PC games and are used for saving the game process. Some PC games can take up to 35-50 hours to complete, so if a player exits a game midway .sav files are created that enable the game to reload from the point where game was exited earlier.

A typical .sav file contains the following information:

  • Character points
  • Experience points
  • In-game resources
  • Completed levels
  • State of the current game progress

The .sav file type is a generic file type used by various games. What this means is that .sav files are game specific.? In other words, a .sav file can only be opened by the game that created it.

Typically, .sav files are not meant to be opened by the user ? the game automatically opens the .sav file to restore the previous game. Certain games though allow users to transfer .sav files to other computers and edit the .sav file.

Name of the program that can open a saved game .sav file

  • The file opens with the original program that created the file.

File Type #2 ? Parallels Desktop Saved State Image File

These are backup files saved by Parallels Desktop, which is a program that enables computer users to run Windows from Mac computers. .sav files are used to store data pertaining to the state of the Parallels Desktop Virtual Machine when it is stopped or paused and reloads the application.

Name of the program that can open a .sav file on a Mac operating system

  • Parallels Desktop for Mac

File Type #3 ? SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) Data File

The .sav file format is used by SPSS for predictive analysis.

Name of the program(s) that can open a .sav (SPSS Data) file

  • SPSS

The .sav file extension is also used by the following file types; however, not much information is available about them:

  • Configuration Data File
  • Free Download Manager Download Data
  • PDP-10 Zero-compressed Executable Binary

In case you need to open a .sav file but are unable to do so using the programs installed on your Windows computer, you may use the FileCure tool which is designed to allow Windows users to open, edit, and save various file types. The tool also helps fix damaged files to make them usable.