Detailed Description of the .psw file Extension

Detailed description of the .psw file extension

Four file types are recorded to be using the file extension .psw. A brief description of these file types is shared below.

File Type #1 – Pocket Word Document

.psw files are word processing documents created byv Pocket Word, a lighter and portable version of Microsoft Word used in PocketPCs and other portable devices. A .psw file can contain documented text, images, and other standard data.

.psw files come under the Document files category and their Mime type is application/x-pocket-word.

How to open a .psw (Pocket Word Document) file

If you use Windows, you may open a .psw file using the following program:

  • Microsoft Word 2007

If you use Pocket PC, you may open a psw file using the following program:

  • Microsoft Pocket Word

Can Pocket Word save the file in .doc format?

Yes, you can save files in Pocket Word in .doc format. You can also open .psw files using Microsoft Word. In case none of these two programs ? Microsoft Word or Microsoft Pocket Word ? is available to you, but you need to convert a .psw file to .doc format then you can use a file converter program to achieve this.

File Type #2 ? Windows Password Reset Disk File

A .psw file is a backup password file created by the Forgotten Password Wizard of Windows. The file is saved on a removable disk.

Purpose of Windows Password Reset Disk .psw file

A Windows Password Reset Disk .psw file is used to reset a password for a user. To reset the password, press Enter when ?Type your Password? box appears on your screen. Next, select ?use your password reset disk? and insert the reset disk in your CD-ROM.

Name of Program that can open Windows Password Reset Disk .psw file

  • Password Reset Wizard

File Type #3 ? Corel Paint Shop Pro Straw Wall Preset File

A .psw file is associated with Paint Shop Pro (PSP), a bitmap graphic editor for Windows operating systems. Little information is available on this file type, behavior or its purpose.

File Type #4 ? Broderbund Print Shop Deluxe

A .psw file is also recorded to be associated with Broderbund Print Shop, an application used for picture design. Again, little information is available on this file type, its behavior, or purpose.

If you receive a .psw file but are not sure to which program it belongs to, then to open the file simply double-click on it. In case the file doesn?t open and instead returns an error, such as cannot open the file, then you probably don?t have the required software installed on your system. To fix the matter and open the file, you may use a reliable file extension helper software.