Detailed Description for the .prc File Extension

The .prc File Extension

Four file types are recorded to be associated with the .prc file extension.? A detailed description of each of these file types is shared below.

File Type #1: Palm Resource Code File

.prc file types are installer packages for a Palm OS application and are used to install programs on your Palm Pilot.

You can install .prc files on your Palm Pilot from either Windows or Mac computers using the HotSync Manager within the Palm Desktop.? Both the devices are included in the CD that comes with the Palm Pilot. For a detailed description on how to do this, please refer to the steps illustrated below:

  1. Connect the Palm Pilot to your computer.
  2. Palm Desktop and HotSync will launch automatically upon connecting the Device.
  3. Locate and select the .prc file and drag the file into My Mobile Documents folder that you see in the Palm Desktop window.
  4. Disconnect the Palm Pilot.

.prc files come under the category of executable files and their Mime type is application/vnd.palm, application/x-usrpilot.

As .prc files can become infected, always scan them before using them in case you receive the file as an email attachment.

Programs that open .prc files

You can open .prc files both on Windows and Macs using Palm Desktop.

File Type #2: Corel Presentation File

The .prc file extension denotes a Corel Presentation file. Corel Presentation is similar to Microsoft PowerPoint and is an integral part of the WordPerfect Office Suite.

The .prc files are created by the WordPerfect Office Suite and contain slideshows that consist of images, text, and videos.

Programs that open .prc (Corel Presentation) files in Windows

You can open .prc files in Windows using Corel WordPerfect Office Suite.

To open a .prc file, perform the steps described below:

  1. Launch Corel Presentation application.
  2. Click the File menu and select Open.
  3. Select the .prc file that you wish to open and then click the Open button.

File Type #3: Mobipocket Reader eBook File

The file extension .prc is used by Mobipocket Reader eBook document. The .prc file stores a digital copy of a paper book that users can read on Mobipocket Reader Desktop or other desktop reading programs that support the format. These .prc files can be protected or unprotected. Protected .prc files include DRM copy protection.

Programs that open .prc (Mobipocket eBook) files

If you use Windows, you may open Mobipocket eBook .prc files using any of the following applications:

  • Mobipocket Reader Desktop
  • BookDesigner
  • FBReader
  • MBP reader

If you use a Mac, you may open Mobipocket eBook .prc files using FBReader.

If you use Linux, you may open Mobipocket eBook .prc files using any of the following applications:

  • MBP reader
  • FBReader

.prc (Mobipocket eBook) files are digital files and their Mime type is application/x-mobipocket.

File Type #4: Product Representation Compact File

The .prc file extension is used with files that are created in the Product Representation Compact (PRC) file format.

Programs that open .prc (Product Representation Compact) files

You can open .prc files in both Windows and Mac using Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro.

Unable to open .prc file type, what should I do?

To open any file format on a Windows computer, simply use FileCure, which is a top-rated file opener program that allows you quick access to various file types, including all .prc file types.