Detailed Description for .job File Extension

A detailed description of the .job file extension

Various file types are recorded to be using the .job file extension. Names and descriptions of these file types are listed below:

File Type #1 ? Microsoft Windows Task Scheduler task object file

The .job file type is associated the Windows Task Scheduler, an integral component of the Windows operating system that is used to run scripts or programs at a specified date and time or at pre-determined time intervals, such as at Windows startup.

The scheduled tasks and definitions that the Task Scheduler creates are saved and stored in binary files that have file extensions such as .job. A new .job file is created whenever a new task is added through the Control Panel.

Purpose of the Windows Task Scheduler task object file (.job file)

These files can store metadata that defines how certain tasks can be executed on a Windows system. Also, these files are used by the Windows Task Scheduler to perform certain actions, such as starting a particular application.

File Type #2 ? MetaCAM Nest Job File

The .job file type is used by MetaCAM, a popular CAD application used for improving efficiency in the manufacturing industry.

These .job files come under the category of data files and can be opened using Metamation MetaCAM Nesting.

Some of the other file types to which the .job file extension is associated with are:

  • File Type #3 ? BETA 44 Job File
  • File Type #4 ? MicroSim PCBoard External ASCII Job File
  • File Type #5 ? Systems Management Server Job File
  • File Type #6 ? QuestVision Vector Graphics File
  • File Type #7 ? Survey Pro
  • File Type #8 ? File Investigator Script Commands
  • File Type #9 ? AI Research File

Not much information about the role of .job files is known for these instances.

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