Detailed Description of Files with the .qtl File Extension

The .qtl File Extension: An Overview

The .qtl file extension is recorded to be associated with QuickTime Media Player from Apple, Inc. The .qtl file extension is regarded as an alternative extension used with a QuickTime audio or video file.

Files having the .qtl file extension are referred to as QuickTime Link files. These are text files containing a link to a QuickTime movie file and store information such as location of the media file, the Mime type, and other QuickTime settings that are defined by variables, such as autoplay, fullscreen, controller, loop, playeveryframe, quitwhendone, qtnext, and href.

.qtl files come under the video files category and their Mime type is application/x-quicktimeplayer, video/x-quicktimeplayer.

How are .mov files and .qtl files different?

First, let?s see how these two file types are similar. Both these file types are associated with QuickTime video files.

The difference is that when you click a link to a .mov file the file automatically opens using the browser plug-in and you can watch the video within your browser window.? The .qtl file type on the other hand is registered to only the full-player and not the plug-in, meaning when you click a .qtl file link you will be prompted to either download the file or to open the file with your QuickTime Player (to play .qtl files you require QuickTime Player version 5 or higher).

If I rename a .qtl file extension to .mov ? will the file play?

Yes. Basically, .qtl and .mov are the same file type. You can rename .qtl file extensions to .mov or vice-versa and still play the file.

Name of the program(s) that can open a .qtl file

Both on Windows and Mac computers, you can open a .qtl file using QuickTime Player version 5 or higher.

If you have the required software installed on your computer then just double-click the .qtl file to open it. If for some reason you receive a file type error when you do so, then simply use a reliable file extension repair software to fix the error and play the desired .qtl file.