Detailed Description of Files with the .pvm File Extension

Detailed description for the .pvm file extension

Four file types are recorded to be using the .pvm file extension. Information on these file types is shared below.

File Type #1 ? Photo Video Manifest File

.pvm files are used by OSTA (Optical Storage Technology Association) as part of the MPV (Music/Photo/Video) format.

Files with the .pvm extension are used as index files to organize digital data. They are basically text files formatted in XML (Extensive Markup Language). These files are used by different digital media devices, such as digital cameras and any software that recognizes the PVM format can read .pvm files.

Names of the programs that can open .pvm files

If you use Windows, you may use any of the following programs to open a .pvm file:

  • HP Image Zone
  • Visual MIBrowser
  • OSTA MPV Reader, Writer, or Player

If you use Macintosh, you may use the following program to open a .pvm file:

  • HP Image Zone

File Type #2 ? Parallels Virtual Machine File

.pvm files are also recorded to be associated with Parallels Desktop for Mac, which is a hardware emulation virtualization software. The .pvm files fall under the category of disk files and store the contents of a hard drive used for loading the Windows operating system on a Mac OS computer.

Name of the program that can open .pvm files in Macintosh

  • Parallels Desktop for Mac

File Type #3 ? HP Photo Album File

.pvm files are used by HP Digital Camera software to store a list of images imported from a HP digital camera, typically called either ?index.pvm? or ?album.pvm?.

.pvm files are commonly referred to as Digital Photo Albums.

Name of the program that can open .pvm files in Windows

  • HP Image Zone Express

File Type #4 ? Sonic Adventure DX Game Object File

.pvm files are the object files used by the Sonic Adventure DX game. Little information is available on this file type, its behavior, or purpose.

In case you are unable to open a .pvm file type, use a reliable and easy-to-use file extension repair program for Windows to diagnose and fix the problem.