Detailed Description for the .dbf File Extension

Detailed description for the .dbf file extension

Various file types are recorded to be associated with the .dbf file extension. A detailed description for the two most widely used file types that use the .dbf file extension are shared below.

File Type #1 Database File

A file with the .dbf extension is commonly referred to as a Database File. The .dbf file extension is primarily recorded to be associated with dBase, which is a popular database creation and management tool manufactured by dataBased Intelligence, Inc.

.dbf files are used for organizing multiple records with fields stored in an array data type. You can also work with .dbf files using any xbase compliant software.

.dbf files come under the category of data files and their mime type is ? application/x-dbase, application/dbase, application/x-dbf, application/dbf, zz-application/zz-winassoc-dbf.

Can .dbf files be converted to other file types, such as the WMV file format?

Yes, one can convert .dbf files to other file formats. But to achieve this, you need to use an appropriate converter program.

Names of the Programs that can open database (.dbf) files

If you use Windows, you may open a .dbf file using any of the following programs:

  • dBASE
  • Multisoft FlagShip
  • Sage ACT!
  • GTK DBF Editor
  • Corel WordPerfect Office X5
  • Microsoft FoxPro
  • Clipper

If you use Linux, you may open a .dbf file using the following program:

  • GTK DBF Editor

File Type #2 ? FoxPro Table

Files with the .dbf file extension denote tables used by a database created with FoxPro.

Name of the program that can be open FoxPro Table (.dbf files) in Windows

  • Microsoft Visual FoxPro

Names of other file types that use the .dbf file extension

Other file types that are known to use the .dbf file extension are:

  • Arago Database File
  • DataBoss Database File
  • Wordtech Database File
  • Act! main Database File
  • ArcView Shapefile attribute table File
  • AbacusLaw Data File
  • dBFast Database File.
  • Microsoft Query Database File.
  • iAnywhere Database File.
  • The Network Diary Database File.
  • Psion Series 3 File.
  • JetForm FormFlow Data File.
  • Alpha Five Table Data File.
  • NovaBACKUP Backup Database.
  • Nova Logic Game Dialog Binary Format.
  • The Network Diary DataBase File.
  • Oracle 8.x Tablespace File.
  • Palm Zire Photo Databse.

Help in opening .dbf file types

In case you need to open a .dbf file, but are not sure about the program with which the file opens, simply use a reliable file extension repair software to open, edit, or save the desired .dbf file type.