Detailed Description of the .cdx File Extension

Files with the .cdx file extension are known to be used by different programs. Information related to these is discussed below.

  1. CorelDRAW Compressed Files – This .cdx file extension is primarily recorded to be associated with the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, which is extensively used for creating designs with vector illustration. The CorelDRAW Compressed files (.cdx) fall under the Vector Image files category and their Mime type is image/x-coreldraw.How to open CorelDRAW .cdx filesIf you use Windows, you can open a .cdx file using CorelDRAW Graphics Suite.
  2. Compound Index file – A file with the .cdx file extension can also be a compound Index file that is used by various programs to index a database. This .cdx file is similar to .idx (Index) files.Compound Index files fall under the data files category.How to open .cdx files

    If you use Windows, you can open a .cdx file using Microsoft Visual FoxPro.

  3. ChemDraw Exchange Document ? The .cdx file extension is also used by ChemDraw, a molecule editor from CambridgSoft Corporation. ChemDraw, which is included in the ChemOffice suite, is available for both Windows and Mac computers.The .cdx file falls under the Document file category and its Mime type is application/octet-stream.How to open .cdx files

    You can open a .cdx file on both Windows and Mac computers using ChemOffice.

If you are unable to open a .cdx file first check to see if you have the software required to open such files. In case the required software is installed but you can?t open the file, then it is recommended that you use FileCure to open the .cdx file. ?FileCure can also help you open, edit, and save file types for which not much is known.