Detailed Description for the .blg File Extension

Research shows that there are four file types that use the .blg file extension. The names of these file types are:

File Type #1 ? Windows Binary Performance Log File

The .blg file type is primarily associated with Windows. .blg files, which are log files that are created by Windows performance tracking tools and are stored in a proprietary binary format.

These files contain data related to utilization and performance of computer resources, including the amount of CPU different programs are using, memory usage of individual programs, and disk resources consumed by various programs. The data helps administrators gauge the load on the computer and server, and identify if there are any performance constraints.

.blg files come under the category of data files and the mime type is application/octet-stream.

How to convert a .blg file to a .csv file

Use the ?relog? command at the command prompt to convert .blg files to .csv files.

Names of the programs that can open .blg files in Windows

  • Microsoft Windows Administrative Tools
  • Microsoft Performance Monitor
  • Microsoft relog

The .blg file extension is also associated with:

  • File Type #2 ? ARCSOLO Backup Log File
  • File Type #3 ? BibTex Log File
  • File Type #4 ? MicroSim PCBoard Backward ECO Log File

Not much information is available on the last 3 .blg file types, their behavior or purpose.

If you face the following problems:

  • You receive a file type about which not much information is available
  • You are unable to open the file using the programs installed on your Windows computer

You should open the file using a good file opener program. A reliable file opener program helps you to view various file types, both known and unknown.