Detailed Description for the .aif File Extension

The file extension .aif is recorded to be used by two file types. A description of both of these file types is shared below.

File Type #1 ? Audio Interchange File Format (AIFF)

Files with the .aif file extension are audio files that are created using the Audio Interchange File Format, which was designed by Apple Computers in 1988. The AIFF format was originally created for Macintosh computers, but now the format is also compatible with Windows computers.

.aif files are used for storing audio data and the format is used extensively on Macintosh computers. Two distinguished features of the .aif format are that it is lossless and uncompressed.

As there is no loss in quality, the .aif file format is the preferred audio format for many professional audio/video applications.? Because .aif files are uncompressed, they are larger in size than other popular audio files, such as .mp3 files. Due to this, the .aif file format is not used for transferring audio content over the Internet.

.aif files come under the category of audio files and the mime type is: audio/x-aiff, audio/aiff, audio/x-rmf, audio/rmf, audio/x-gsm, audio/x-pn-aiff/audio/vnd.qcelp, audio/x-midi.

Names of the programs that can open an Audio Interchange Format (.aif) file

If you use Windows, you may use any of the following programs to open an .aif file:

  • Apple iTunes
  • Apple QuickTime Player
  • Roxio Creator 2010
  • Windows Media Player

If you use a Mac OS, you may use any of the following programs to open an .aif file:

  • Apple iTunes
  • Apple QuickTime Player
  • Apple GarageBand
  • Roxio Toast 10 Titanium
  • Windows Media Player

Is it possible to convert .aif files into other formats, such as the .m4a file format?

File converter programs are available that allow you to convert .aif files to other audio file formats.

File Type #2 – Symbian Application Information File

.aif files are used for specifying the icon and caption for a Symbian Application file. These files come under the miscellaneous files category and are referenced by the Symbian operating system.

Name of the program that can open Symbian Application Information (.aif) files in Windows:

  • Symbian AIF Builder

In case you have downloaded an .aif file from the Internet but are unable to open it, then we recommend that you give FileCure a try. FileCure is a reliable and user-friendly file opener program for Windows that helps users open various file types, including .aif files.