Detailed Description of the .abm File Extension

Detailed description of the .abm file extension

Two file types are recorded using the file extension .abm.? A detailed description for each file type is listed below.

File Type #1 ? Photo Album

The ABM file format is a popular audio and video file format, supported on both Windows and Mac systems. .abm files are associated with ?Album? and include references to various pictures stored in a digital album. .abm files can also include thumbnail images, as a small representation of the pictures stored in an album.

There are several programs that can create albums and a lot of photo organization programs store their albums as .abm files. Typically, different photo organization programs use different formatting to store their albums, which means that the .abm file can be opened only using the program that created it.

The names of programs that can open .abm files are listed below.

For Windows:

  • ArcSoft PhotoBase
  • Polaroid Photomax
  • GSP Photo Album
  • Ulead ImagePals
  • Serif PhotoPlus

For Mac OS:

  • ArcSoft PhotoBase

The .abm (Album) file falls under the raster image files category and the Mime type is application/octet-stream.

File Type #2 ? Music Album

This .abm file extension is also associated with audio files that generally contain references to the audio files. However, they may also store songs or other audio files.

Similar to Photo Album files, these .abm files too are used by different music-related software. However, the formatting differs from software to software and a particular .abm file can be opened only using the software that created it.

Name of Programs that can open .abm (Music Album) files in Windows

  • RedBana Audition
  • Digigram HitPlayer

If for some reason an .abm file that you are trying to open reports a file type error, then you may use a reliable file extension repair software to open the file.