Brief Description of the .wll File Extension

Brief description of the .wll file extension

Two file types are recorded to be associated with the .wll file extension. A brief description of these two file types is shared below.

File Type #1 ? Microsoft Word Add-In

The .wll file extension is known to be associated with Microsoft Word. A file with the .wll extension is referred to as the Word add-in library.

.wll files fall into the application files category and the Mime type is application/msword.

Name of the program that can open .wll files in Windows

  • Microsoft Word

File Type #2 ? The Sims wall texture file format

The .wll file extension is also recorded to be associated with the popular computer game ?The Sims? from Electronic Arts Inc. At the time of research, little information is available on this file type, its behavior, or purpose.

Unable to open a .wll file extension in Windows

Whenever you need to open a particular file type on Windows the best way is to simply double-click the file. So, to open a .wll file type, just double-click the file. In case the required software is installed, then the file will open automatically, otherwise a file type error, such as ?Cannot open the requested file? may appear on your screen. To fix the error, and open, edit, or save the .wll file, we recommend you use FileCure, a popular and reliable file opener program for Windows.