Description Of .cpy File Extension

Information on .cpy file extension

The .cpy file extension is not limited to one application. Different applications use the .cpy file extension for different purposes. The names of some recorded .cpy file types are mentioned below in the order of their popularity and usage:

.cpy file type #1 ? eCopy Scanned Document

eCopy, which is a popular document scanning suite, uses the .cpy extension to store its documents.

.cpy file type #2 ? Cobol include file

Cobol, which is a programming language, uses the .cpy file extension. CPY might stand for ?copybook?, a collection of computer code that can be used by other programs when needed.

.cpy file type #3 ? Atari Ramdrive CPY Commands

.cpy file type #4 ? Copy Books Data file

.cpy file type #5 ? Flexus Cobol Definitions

.cpy file type #6 ? RM/Cobol Development System Include File

Not much is known about the file extension .cpy, its behavior, or the programs that can open these files. If you happen to receive a .cpy file through email or you download a file with the .cpy extension then we recommend that you use a reliable file repair software to open and view the contents of the file.