What is the .dctmp File Extension Used For?

What is the .dctmp file extension?

The .dctmp file type is recorded to be associated with DC++, a file-sharing program that allows computer users to share files over the Internet. The .dctmp files come under the category of miscellaneous files category.

Files with the .dctmp file extension are commonly referred to as DC++ Partially Downloaded Files. As the name aptly suggests, .dctmp files denote an incomplete download of a file. In case the Internet connection breaks or you stop the download process, the incomplete download files will show the .dctmp file extension. When the downloading process resumes, saving of the file begins from the point where it was terminated, provided the file you are seeking is available on an active server. The .dctmp file extension changes to reflect the correct file extension of the file, once the file is completely downloaded. For instance, if you were downloading an mp3 file using DC++, when the downloading process began the file extension you see is .dctmp, but when the file is completely downloaded the file extension automatically changes to .mp3.

Name of the program that can open a .dctmp file in Windows

  • DC++

In case you are unable to open a .dctmp file on Windows using DC++ then chances are either the file you are trying to open is corrupt or one or more file openers on the Windows system are damaged. To fix the issue and open the required file, we recommend you use FileCure, which is an excellent and easy-to-use file extension repair program.