What is the .cur File Extension Used For?

What is the .cur file extension?

A file having the .cur file extension is referred to as a Window Cursor file. The cursor is an item that moves as you manipulate your mouse. Typically, the cursor appears as a pointed finger, capital I or as a triangle.

The .cur file comes under the Settings File category and its MIME type is image/x-win-bitmap, application/x-win-bitmap.

Purpose of the .cur file

The mouse pointer design (cursor) is stored in a .cur file. You can customize the file to change the appearance of the Microsoft Windows mouse pointer to suit your taste. .cur files are used by the Windows operating system.

Programs that open .cur files in Windows

You can open .cur files using any of the following applications:

  • ACDSee Photo Manager 2009
  • XnView
  • ACDSee
  • Smart Pix Manager
  • Icon Art
  • Resource Builder
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • PhotoPilia
  • Macroangelo Toolset
  • IrfanView
  • Ulead Photo Explorer

Are .cur files in compressed form?

No, .cur files are not compressed. The images present in .cur files are usually of a small size and that is why compression is not needed.

What to do if you receive a file type error when you try to open a .cur file

Typically, file type errors occur when the file you are trying to open is corrupt or one or more file openers on the Windows system are damaged. In such a scenario, you may use a reliable file extension repair software to diagnose and fix the problem.