What You Should Know About the .cue File Extension

What is a .cue file?

.cue file is called a cue sheet that is used while creating Disk Images of Compact Disk (CD) or DVD disks. A Disk Image is simply a storage device that keeps the entire contents of the CD or DVD by segmenting it into many tracks. A .cue file thus helps in having an outline of how tracks on a CD are created.

It is simply a plain text file briefing the Titles, Performers, Tracks and Indexes etc. ?CDRWIN, which is a CD/DVD burning application from Golden Hawk Technology, primarily introduced this .cue file for Microsoft Windows.

How are the .bin file and .cue file related?

The .bin file is a digital image file that has the entire contents of a CD or DVD. It works in union with the .cue file to burn or record the contents of the CD or DVD.? You can also mount the CD contents on to a virtual drive set up on the hard disk by using CD/DVD burning software like Nero, MagicISO etc., While the .bin file holds the information or contents of the CD, ?the .cue file helps the CD burning software to read the .bin file.

How to open a .cue file

  1. Install a CD / DVD burning software like Nero or Magic ISO and open it.
  2. Browse through the folder containing the .cue file from the File->Open option of the software.
  3. Click on the .cue file to open.
  4. This will load the contents of the .bin file
  5. Click on the ??Burn? option in the software
  6. In order to load the contents on to a virtual drive on your PC?s hard drive, Click on the ?Mount to Virtual Drive? option in the software
  7. Open the .cue file and Click on ?Mount?
  8. A virtual CD/DVD drive is created and it contains the .bin file contents.

If you do not have any of the CD or DVD burning software, download and install a reliable file repair software and open the .cue file in minutes. These tools are easy-to-use and will help you work with the .bin and .cue files and create or write CDs.