What is the .cpgz File Format?

A file with the .cpgz file extension is commonly referred to as a compressed UNIX CPIO archive file. .cpgz files are compressed files that are compressed using GZIP (.GZ) compression and saved in the CPIO (The term CPIO stands for Copy In, Copy Out) archive format.

How to create and extract .cpgz files using command line programs in UNIX and Mac OS

You can create and extract .cpgz files in Mac OS and UNIX, using the ?ditto? utility, which is a BSD command line program. For instance, you can create a compressed CPIO archive by using the ?ditto – cz”?command.

How to open a .cpgz file

If you use a Mac OS, you may open a .cpgz file using any of the following programs:

  • ditto
  • Apple BOMArchiveHelper

If you use Linux, you may open a .cpgz file using the following program:

  • dittoIt is not clear whether .cpgz files can be opened on a Windows computer or not. In case you receive a .cpgz file, then you may try opening the file using FileCure, a file opener tool for Windows.