Change .ex_ file extension to exe in Windows

A file with the .ex_ file extension is a compressed EXE file. Many installation libraries store exe files in compressed form as .ex_ files. However, the files are automatically expanded during installation of the program.

Is it possible to manually decompress an .ex_ file to .exe in Windows?

Yes, you can manually decompress an .ex_ in Windows using the expand command. Let?s say that you have a file with the .ex_ extension, named one.ex_ in your C:\My Documents folder that you want to decompress. To do this, you need to perform the following steps to decompress the file:

  1. Click Start and then click Run.
  2. In the Open box, type cmd and then press the OK button.
  3. At command prompt, use the cd command to browse to the location where the .ex_ file that you want to decompress is located (in this case you need to type cd c:\my documents and then press Enter)
  4. Next type the following command to decompress the fileExpand one.ex_ <location>\one.exe
    Note: <location> is a variable that points to the path to the folder to which you want to save the decompressed file. For instance, if you want to save the decompressed file to the My Documents folder, then type c:\my documents.
  1. At command prompt, type exit and then press Enter to close command prompt window.

Are ex_ and _ex file extensions the same?

Files that have the _ex file extension are a type of exe file. Typically, compressed exe files are stored with the ex_ file extension. However, certain programs and spyware programs are known to store compressed exe files with the _ex file extension.

How to open an ex_ file

Like exe files, files that have the .ex_ extension are self-executing files, which means to open an ex_ file all you need is to double-click on it.

I receive a file type error when I try to install a program. What do I do?

This issue may occur if the reported .ex_ file is corrupt or damaged. To repair or recover a damaged .ex_ file, you may seek the help of a reliable file repair software. These software tools are designed to diagnose issues with problem files and then fix them so that they can be used on the system.