What Is An .asp File Extension File?

Purpose of .asp fie extension files

.asp (Active Server Page) files are similar to html files and are generally associated with web-based applications provided on a Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS).

ASP is a programming language from Microsoft and is used to build websites. An ASP page is a server generated web page, which implies that the Web Server, unlike in case of HTML page processes the source code in an .ASP file and then the resulting HTML is sent to the user via his/her web browser. As an ASP page is processed on the Web server, the end users do not see the actual ASP code but only the resulting HTML.

What are the programs that can be used to open .asp files?

If you use the Windows operating system, you can open .asp files, using any of the below mentioned programs:

  • Any Web browser
  • Microsoft IIS
  • Any Text editor
  • Adobe Dreamweaver CS4

Mac OS users can use any of the following programs to open .asp files:

  • Any Web browser
  • Adobe Dreamweaver CS4
  • Any text editor

Common reasons for errors with .asp files

Shared below are three common reasons due to which you may receive an error while opening an .asp file:

  • Problem with the script ? You may not be able to open an .asp file and instead receive an error if there is some problem in the script of the .asp file.
  • Malware Infection – .asp files can be infected by malware. To prevent your files from getting infected, install a robust security tool and schedule regular malware scans.
  • Problem with file openers ? File openers on your system allow you to open, edit, or save files. If there is some problem in file openers then you may not be able to open the desired file and instead receive a file type error. To fix file openers, you may use the FileCure software and enjoy easy access to various file types.