The .air File Extension – How to Open Files and Fix Errors

What is the .air file extension?

The file extension .air is primarily associated with Adobe AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime), which is a program used by developers to build and deploy rich Internet applications to the desktop that run across operating systems. Applications created using Adobe AIR allow computer users to access specific features of a website without being connected to the Internet.

A file with the .air file extension is commonly referred to as the Adobe AIR Installation package and is used for distributing applications built using Adobe AIR.

When you click the ?Download? button on a website to download an application created using Adobe AIR, an .air file is saved on your computer. The .air file is the installer file that transfers the required files for the application to your computer.

Do .air files download website applications only onto Windows computers?

No. It is important to remember that Adobe AIR is functional on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. So, if you use a Mac or Linux operating system you can use .air files to download website applications.

How to open .air files

If you use Windows, you can open .air files using the following programs:

  • Adobe AIR
  • Adobe Flash CS5

If you use a Mac, you can open .air files using the following programs:

  • Adobe AIR
  • Adobe Flash CS5

If you use Linux, you can open .air files using the following program:

  • Adobe AIR

.air file extension errors in Windows Vista

Error ? Windows Vista users may receive an ?unknown type? error when they double-click an .air file after successful installation of Adobe Air.

Cause ? The above behavior is reported because the .air file extension fails to register properly due to a locked-file association in Vista?s registry.

Solution ? At this point no solution for this error has been released by Microsoft.

So, if you have an .air file on a Windows Vista PC and you want to open it, then it would be best if you seek the help of a file help software such as File Helper. This tool is designed to allow you to open files even if the supported program is not installed or working on your computer.

Other instances of the .air file type:

Besides the Adobe AIR installation package, five other instances of the .air file type are recorded. These are:

  • Align It! Resource file
  • SeeYou airspace file
  • Automatic image registration
  • ZX Spectrum emulator input-recording format
  • Flight Simulator aircraft performance file

A ?file type? error has occurred when I try to open an .air file.? What should I do?

A common cause of ?file type? errors is damaged file ?openers? on a Windows computer. To rectify the situation, you may use FileCure, which is also a file extension repair program and it fixes the damaged file ?openers? and provides you quick access to various file types, both known and unknown.