Advantage of Files with the .uif File Extension

What is the .uif file extension?

The term UIF is an acronym for Universal Image Format and .uif files are recorded to be associated with MagicISO, an application used for creating, editing, and extracting disc image files. .uif files are compressed files and may store different kinds of data, such as game files, audio files, or picture files.

.uif files come under the category of Disk Files.

Advantage of using the UIF file format for backing up a CD/DVD

The UIF file format has a distinct advantage over other file formats, such as ISO, ZIP, or RAR that can also be used by backup a CD/DVD. The UIF format uses a higher quality compression method, meaning that the image files are compressed better and occupy less disk space. Further, the UIF format supports features as, password-protection and data encryption that allow you to prevent unauthorized users from accessing confidential data.

Name of the programs that can open .uif files

If you use Windows, you may use any of the following programs to open a .uif file:

  • MagicISO
  • UIF to ISO Converter
  • PowerISO 4.1 or later

If you use a Mac operating system, you may use the following program to open a .uif file:


If you use Linux, you may use the following program to open a .uif file:


How to open a .uif file on a Mac or Linux operating system

As MagicISO is only available for Windows systems, to open a .uif file in Mac or Linux, you need to first convert the file to ISO format. One tool that allows you to easily do this is UIF2ISO. To convert a .uif file to ISO format, select the file, open UIF2ISO and drop the file onto the tool.? Now you can open the .iso file or burn it to a CD.

In case you are unable to open a .uif file on your Windows computer using the installed programs, try opening the file with FileCure, which is a reliable and easy to use file opener software that provides Windows users easy and quick access to various file types.